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If you have a cess pit that needs to be cleaned, and you are living in northern Auckland, you can contact a company to have this cleaned out for you. These typically need to be cleaned every 3 to 4 years, sometimes sooner depending upon their size and usage, and you must use a company that has the machinery and knowledge to get the job done. KP Group is a business that can provide you with this type of service, and has been doing so for decades. They are regarded by many as the top cess pit cleaning Auckland choice, allowing businesses all over the upper North Island to have this type of service.

Why This Company Can Help You The Most

Although this company is known for being an industrial and commercial cleaning service, primarily focused on cleaning or sweeping surface areas, they do have the capability of cleaning any cess pit which is part of their cleaning service. They employ fully trained individuals that will know exactly what to do. They utilise the latest equipment to get the job done right. They also have affordable pricing and a full guarantee on the services that they offer, making KP Group the number one choice for cess pit cleaning Auckland services available in your area.

KP Stormwater Cesspit Cleaning

The reason that they are so popular is that they can save you money while keeping your cesspit clean all throughout the year. They begin by emptying on-site cesspits, utilizing a water blast of about 2 m in diameter. They do a 12 weekly check just to make sure that sediment deposits are minimal, and will only perform the service if there is more than 250mm of sediment. This makes it affordable for people that are looking for routine maintenance on their cesspit, and they will provide you with a Disposal Certificate once the job is done.

What Other Services Can They Provide?

While they are at your location, you could also utilize their services for other problems that you may have. They are able to accommodate many different types of businesses including those that may have cesspits at construction sites, event sites, airports, or body corporates. You will also see that they offer emergency spill services, building washing, and water blasting, all things that you may need at some point in time.

If you do need to have the best cess pit cleaning Auckland business out to your location, always know that they will perform the best possible job at the lowest price. Along with the Cesspit Report that you will receive a copy of when it is recorded, for environmental audit purposes, you will know that the job will be done properly every time. Contact them today and experience why so many people consider KP Group Ltd to be the best cess pit cleaning Auckland business available in the upper North Island region of New Zealand.